Pregnant Gym Workout Routine 3 Days Split (8 Weeks)

Julia Follin
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  • This is a perfect workout split for healthy pregnant women that have been active prior to conception.

  • It is a 3 days/per week workout for 8 weeks! And afterwards, you can ''recycle'' it and creating your own routine with the best most fitting exercises you've just learnt, adding sets or reps, or taking them away if you feel that your pregnancy makes it harder.

  • This is a gym workout, hence you will need the basic gym equipment and machines.

  • Pregnancy safe ONLY for those women that are not having a high-risk pregnancy and that have been active before falling pregnant. Please DO NOT introduce a gym routine if you have never been to the gym before. Also, do consult with your doctor whether you are fit and able to perform gym exercises while pregnant. Safety first!

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  • If you have any issue with the download, send me a message at and upon verifying that your purchase was indeed done, I will manually send you the file if such is the case. No refund policy applies.

    Please remember that you must always stop doing an exercise that doesn't feel right (such as Hip Thrusts) especially if you have any sort of pregnancy related pain. Also check with your doctor or midwife before starting a gym routine. Whenever something hurts, drop it and skip it. You can look for variations in Google, reduce the weight or sets. Do not perform again if you have pains you cannot recognise. DOMS pain are normal (muscle soreness).

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Pregnant Gym Workout Routine 3 Days Split (8 Weeks)

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